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Peak Performance

Our ONLY Inc series in which we talk to non-entrepreneurs who are the best in their field – actors, singers, athletes, astronauts, etc. We ask them to pinpoint the driving force behind their success by picking one word. For example – “Chase” according to Chris Paul, “Patience” according Nick Offerman, “Hone” according to Rachel Bloom. Looking at someone’s career and experiences through the lens of a single word that greatly impacts entrepreneurs, allows us to bring new insight into the success and lessons of our guest.

How I Did It

Our most popular franchise. Personal and sometimes emotional entrepreneur stories.

The Playbook

Learn by doing – or from those who have done it before.

Icons and Innovators

An Intimate conversation between established, well-known entrepreneurs and their peers in the same business space.

Inc. Tested

We test products that would be beneficial to entrepreneurs. Hosted by Inc’s Chris Beier and Kevin Ryan, this fun, inventive series will stress test the latest tech in entertaining and informative ways.

The Science Behind

Dr. Tara Swart explains the reasons behind various behavioral and psychological factors that impact our performance in the workplace.

Turning Point

We sit down and talk with famous and notable entrepreneurs about the pivotal moment in the creation of their empires where they realized that they were a leader. Our intimate conversations will be filled with insight and firsthand observation on what makes a good leader and what we can all do differently to be the best leaders we can be.

Secrets of Success

Inc. Executive Editors sit down with notable and well-known entrepreneurs.

Tip Sheet

The best articles from animated for social video consumption.

Tips from the Tank

Inc. writer Emily Canal walks us through a prominent pitch (the good, the bad and the downright weird) from the week’s “Shark Tank” Episode each season.